75% of healthcare costs are incurred by preventable diseases

Dr. Kunkel and his team have spent decades learning how to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and increase employee engagement, all leading to lowering healthcare costs. Together, they have developed a system created to target the masses all while addressing individual needs. 

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We understand that every company is unique, and for any new program to be successful, it takes a  practical approach- one that is customized around your business’s needs and goals.  We will work with your company to create programs that will maximize overall employee health, performance, and engagement.  This will provide long-term savings for your organization by reducing absenteeism, stress, and staff turnover- resulting in a more productive work environment. By focusing on health and wellness, organizations can also be more successful in accomplishing the organization's goals.

Why Our Plan Works?

Step 1- Motivate employees! How do we do this? Dr. Kunkel will create an unforgettable experience through a motivational talk, tailored to your demographic. The talk is designed to motivate and create lasting change.

Step 2-  Keep employees engaged with a practical and accessible program. We design a six-week challenge for your company to create a health-conscious work environment. We know willpower lasts briefly- the challenge is a systematic approach to create habits that last for life!

Step 3-  Help integrate wellness into the organization's structure. Let us prove to you the benefits of a customized corporate wellness plan with health screenings and education created around what you and your employees need

Dr. Kunkel Clients Served

Carbone Automotive Group, PAR Technology Corporation, SUNY Poly, Hamilton College, The America Heart Association, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of American, Kids Oneida (Ican), Masonic Care Community, Go Red for Women, CXtec, Birnie Bus Service, Upstate Home Health Care, First Source Federal Credit Union, GPO Federal Credit Union, The House of the Good Shephard, Utica College, New Hartford Central School District, The Ride for Missing Children and Mohawk Ltd.


Total Body Reset: How to Master Your Metabolism and Increase Energy

This presentation will focus on never dieting again! Learn tips and tricks to achieve life-changing results that are lifestyle changes, not another fad diet. 

You will:

• Learn to  incorporate mindset, exercise and lifestyle changes to shortcut your way to permanent results 

• Learn to increase your bodies ability to burn fat, clear brain fog, and  increase your energy and overall happiness

Exercise-The #1 Way To Increase Energy, Mood and Quality of Life

This motivational lecture reveals the science behind exercise performance and how exercise creates vitality from the inside of every cell within the body. You will learn to use three different variations of exercise to maximize your gains!  Understand the truth behind enhancing exercise performance, how it’s not just set, reps and volume, but something way more important! You will learn how to make the most out of every workout. 

Never Diet Again- We All Know That Diets Don't Work

 Learn why so many of the fad diets on the market today do not work! See why a Calorie Is Not Just a Calorie. Gain the knowledge as to why “quality over quantity” is the rule when it comes to seeing lifetime health results.

Never “Diet” Again, instead of focusing on a specific diet, learn how to focus on finding foods that can help the body to begin burning fat for energy.

About Dr. Kunkel

Author- It's Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

My energy in leading a healthy lifestyle stemmed from personal health struggles, which led  me  to  take action with my own nutritional habits. From this experience, and combined with my passion for helping people, my enthusiasm is directed into guiding clients to meet their own nutritional needs, fitness goals, and improving confidence in themselves.

My eagerness to succeed and desire to learn has helped others achieve weight loss and is recognized in national magazines and fitness websites. I’ve spent my entire career not only helping individuals achieve wellness goals, but also helping business professionals become better leaders and communicators. I teach corporate wellness at Utica College, I am a motivational speaker, build customized individual wellness plans and build corporate wellness programs. 


  • Doctorate and Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, Quantum University
  • M.S., Applied Clinical Nutrition, New York State Chiropractic

Awards & Certification

  • Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner 
  • ACE Certified Health Coach
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Weight Management Specialist
  • Expert Rating Sports Nutrition Certification
  • NESTA Certified Corporate Wellness Coach
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • WELCOA  Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist

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Dr. Jack Kunkel

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Jack mixes science with common sense in a way that grabs your attention. You leave one of his lectures with knowledge that excites you to try his healthy approach to nutrition. You will see positive results quickly that encourages you to continue on a quality of life changing path.  

-Anthony Artessa, CEO of Upstate HomeCare

Dr. Kunkel speaks with great passion. He blends motivation and humor to keep an audience engaged. He can take a stressed-out workforce and shift their energy immediately! He has spoken over 30 different times in our organization and each time has captivated his audience. 

-Alen Mukic, GM, Lithia Motors, Inc

The House of the Good Shepherd partnered with Jack Kunkel’s Revolutionary Wellness to benefit to our staff with a comprehensive Corporate Wellness Program. Jack provides our team with 24/7 access to a holistic approach to wellness, including; wellness challenges, motivational talks, and personalized one-on-one sessions to help them manage their wellness goals. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in a large group to hear one of Jack’s talks, watch a recorded video of Jack sharing his knowledge, or a confidential 1:1 session with Jack, he is always informative, articulate, and down to earth.  Our staff has benefited from Jack’s expertise and advice over the years. He takes what can be viewed as a complicated formula for wellness and breaks it down, making the concept obtainable and straightforward. What I appreciate about Jack is his transparency. Jack often shares his personal journey of health and fitness. In his talks, he shows the audience that he is human just like you and has had endured the same challenges and struggles along the way. These personal stories are the inspiration that helps keep so many on their own wellness journey!

-Jeanna Heretz, Director of Human Resources, The House Of The Good Shepherd


Jack leads powerful presentations to his audience. I have left his talks feeling empowered to take control in leading a healthier lifestyle. His passion and energy blends with his talent in humor and knowledge making the information relatable and achievable. I highly recommend Jack Kunkel as a keynote presenter.

-Maria Lallier, Founder/Educator, Young Einsteins


Amazing energy!! Jack speaks with passion. He is a performer, that has a powerful motivational message. He gives his audience something to walk away with! 

-Daniel M. Ratnarajah, MD

I had brought Dr. Kunkel in for several "lunch and learn" topics to support the Wellness Program at Masonic Care Community. He was involved in helping frame all lectures to meet the needs of the employees and to satisfy my requirements of keeping the information relatable and motivation oriented. The employees always enjoyed his presentations and there was always a takeaway that was easy to incorporation into action. I enjoyed working with him and know he had an impact on those seeking better health! 

-Rebecca Kearns, former Employee Wellness Coordinator, Masonic Care Community